iphone case 10 xs max

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iphone case 10 xs max

For a little over $30 you can pick up a handmade NES iPhone dock on Etsy. The Moonlight Bedtime Story Projector blew through its funding goal on Kickstarter and will allegedly ship in April 2017 (proceed at your own risk). It allows you to project story reels on a wall or ceiling using your iPhone's LED. Kind of ingenious. The WySky Music Lamp is an iPhone speaker dock and bedside LED lamp with adjustable color settings that match the mood of the music. It's allegedly coming out later this year.

This rollable mega speaker is still for sale for about $220 iphone case 10 xs max and includes an integrated 30-pin dock and PA system, There've been plenty of variations of the iPhone knuckle case over the years, but it's still going strong, The iPhone Horn stand amplifies the sound off your iPhone the old-fashioned way (the speaker is not powered), You can find it for about $7 on Amazon, Over the years, there have been several variations of the iPhone gun case, It doesn't shoot anything except pictures, but it could get you shot..

Crazy. Just crazy. And proud of it. It's a new year, so it will be a new you. This, you know, is bunkum. Samsung wants you to know that you're delusional, crazy and very slightly unhinged. There, doesn't that make you feel better?. Last week, I wrote about a new Nike campaign, featuring its supposedly special Apple Watch, that showed Kevin Hart slowly losing his mind as he runs and runs and runs. Almost simultaneously, Samsung released ads that take the idea of exercise insanity even further. In one, the true madness of going to the gym is exposed. Why, asks Samsung, do you let an adult berate you in front of other adults? For this so-called personal training you pay extra.

There's the talking to yourself, too, What's that about, if not a iphone case 10 xs max very poor relationship with the real you?, In another ad, a slightly less than svelte man runs around his neighborhood, His wife encourages him with all the sincerity of a wife who knows that her husband in unlikely to succeed, Let him go mad, Then there's the third ad, This offers the most poignant and painful image of a portly runner's self-delusion, He's running late at night, In a store window, he sees a mannequin, Mannequins tend to have better bodies than most humans..

Our runner stops. He dreams. Then he presses his Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness band to increase the stress upon himself. This is the point of pointing to your insanity. Samsung wants you to buy a Galaxy S7 and a Gear Fit 2. They'll make you feel better. About being mad, that is. Technically Literate: Original works of short fiction with unique perspectives on tech, exclusively on CNET. Here. CNET Magazine: Check out a sampling of the stories you'll find in CNET's newsstand edition, right here. Commentary: A new Samsung campaign asks this question of all who exercise: Are you nuts?.