iphone case and popsocket set

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iphone case and popsocket set

No firm release window has been set. Moen isn't the only one trying to change the shower game. French company Smart and Blue showed its Hydrao range of showerheads at CES. They're kitted out with LED lights that change color, from green to blue to purple to red, based on how long you've been showering. The aim here is to cut unnecessarily long showers short, saving you money on utility bills in the process. And you can turn it on without getting out of bed. Available for preorder in the US now. VR goggles are nice and all, but how can you really feel like you're flying when your feet are on the ground -- or your butt is on the couch? Enter this Paris-based startup, which built a piece of furniture to help you get your body in the game.

Availability unknown, Cool looking and practical! This physio glove focuses and monitors your rehab by gamifying it with an app and providing measurable feedback to guide your iphone case and popsocket set efforts, It's not a real product yet, but Fove can plant the flag as the first company to have a usable VR headset with eye-tracking built in, Given how imprecise VR interfaces can be and how much data eye tracking can gather to inform how scenes render, the technology is a hot area for development, The "est-iest" TV we've ever seen, LG's new W7 65- and 77-inch TVs are the thinnest, lightest and potentially the best-picture quality TVs to hit the wall, Plus, LG claims the picture quality of these are better than last year's, which are pretty terrific..

Available March 2017. With a raft of innovative new features and enough 4K and HD recording options to make your head spin, this replacement to Panasonic's video-popular GH4 promises to be one of the most impressive cameras of the year. Available March 2017. It's not just a cool-looking voice assistant like the Amazon Echo and countless others. The Pebble's twist: Melody, your guide, can recognize voices and change its activities based on the individual who's talking. Plus, it really is an assistant, with the ability to manage your calendar.

Endless gets its cool cred in part from its intentions, The Endless computers are small, cheap and optimized for areas where internet access is unpredictable, This year's models have a more sophisticated design than its Mini plastic ball, Though they don't run a standard operation system, they come piled with applications, Plus, the systems will also work with its Endless Code initiative, a preinstalled package of tutorials and tools for teenage-level prospective coders, Available January 2017, This follow-me robot assistant uses face recognition to identify angry, scrunchy countenances, If it's a baby iphone case and popsocket set it'll notify you and automatically launch into pacification mode with music, a fan or an audiobook..

Coming in summer 2017. These bands for your wrists and ankles use accelerometers and an app to coach you to develop more graceful movement. That's neat in itself, but their ability to approximate full-body motion makes me think they'd be a great start for a consumer motion-capture system. That's just how I roll. Goes into preorder in January 2017. Who needs solar? While you're strolling your child through the park the Moxi is turning all its wheel-turning kinetic energy into usable electricity. You can charge your phone, light your path or track your distance.