iphone no screen protector

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iphone no screen protector

Just what you always wanted, a banana handset for your mobile phone. This accessory used to be sold by Hammacher Schlemmer. It converted cassette tapes into MP3 files. This case disguises your iPhone as an ear. The Pepper Spray case had its 15 minutes of fame, then it went poof. Who can forget the early Bluetooth iMuffs headphones? The dongle plugged into iPods and iPhones (the original model didn't have active Bluetooth), and streamed wirelessly to the headphones. You can still find flip-flop iPhone cases floating around the Internet.

This portable fan is readily available on Amazon for about $7, These silly old-school handsets for your iPhone were kind of funny when they first came out several years ago, Not iphone no screen protector so much anymore, The Joeybra got a lot of attention when it first came out a few years ago, It has since morphed into the Pocket Bra, This ZVE case has been available for the last few years for earlier iPhones, but an updated version is available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for $20 on Amazon, It also has a built-in bottle opener..

Fluance's FiSDK500 iPhone/iPod speaker dock had a retro strange quality to it, but it did sound good. These days, you'll want the wireless Bluetooth version instead. Read CNET's full review. Every bathroom needs one of these. There are several wind meters available for the iPhone (and Android devices). This is the WeatherFlow wind meter, which retails for $30 at Amazon. This may be arguably the most freaky iPhone accessory ever created. Check out the YouTube video, and read what we said about it back in 2010.

I actually played around with one of these cases and was marginally impressed, It's still available for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6/6S from a company called TaskLab, Just don't bring it on to a plane, please, Clip-A-Phone is smart phone hat mount, It's unclear how smart it is, iphone no screen protector but it is fairly inexpensive at $20, Not brushing properly? Oral-B's latest smart brush, the Genius 9000 is here to teach you the key to sparkling gnashers, It ropes in your smartphone to help as well -- stick your phone on your mirror, and the toothbrush's app uses the front facing camera to gauge where abouts in your mouth you're brushing, and for how long..

The Windshield Wiper was a USB-powered wiper for you iPhone. It's unclear what its purpose was. The Wall of Sound 2.0 was billed as the largest iPhone speaker in the world. With 1,600 watts of power, it weighed 392 lbs. A few years back, Sony created a camera that attached to your phone and used its screen as a viewfinder. A tower speaker with a dock on top. Not sure bought this one but you can still find it on sale on Amazon for about $150. The PopSlate 2 is an iPhone case that has a built-in battery and more importantly, an e-ink screen on the back that delivers vital tidbits of information (the company calls it a second screen for your iPhone). It's due to ship in the coming months.