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iphone 6 case uk

However, the company says it can also give away your information to comply with the law. One of FourOctet's followers speculates that Meitu might be collecting this info to comply with a new Chinese law that requires app makers to uniquely identify their users and stop them from uploading banned content. (China has been cracking down on app stores recently.). Update, January 20 at 1:30 a.m PT: Meitu told CNET in a statement that the data collection code was included because the company is headquartered in China, where tracking services provided by app stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play are blocked.

For the special iOS tracking it does, Meitu iphone 6 case uk claims carrier information is requested for geo-based features as well as ad placements, while jailbreak detection is included due to the company using an SDK (software development kit) from China-based WeChat for sharing content, Technically Literate: Original works of short fiction with unique perspectives on tech, exclusively on CNET, Nintendo Switch hands-on preview: Nintendo's new games console wants to be your only one, bridging handheld and TV, Why does a cute photo app need all these permissions?..

Meitu is a viral sensation. Who wouldn't want to instantly give themselves or their favorite politicians and celebs a Japanese-anime inspired makeover, and share the hilarious results with the world? That's why the face-recognizing photo app is currently rocking the charts. But before you zip on over to the App Store or Google Play to grab your free copy, there's something you should probably know: Meitu is asking for an awful lot of your data in exchange for the lolz -- and the app also seems to contain some rather suspicious code.

The Apple Watch may be the most popular smartwatch, but it's not the best option iphone 6 case uk for everyone, It only works with the iPhone, Meanwhile, many fitness trackers work across Android and iOS, To change this trend and truly dominate the market, Apple should bring the Watch to Android, As a long-time Android user and someone who has personally tested dozens of smartwatches, I would wear the Apple Watch if it didn't mean switching to an iPhone, It's a great device, but I prefer the deep integration with Google services on my Android phone..

Adding Android support to the Apple Watch could be the final nail in the coffins of Android Wear and Tizen, Samsung's watch operating system. It may also help convert some Apple skeptics to buy other Apple products. Win-win. Apple should follow in the footsteps of Fitbit and Garmin, both of which offer devices that work cross-platform. The Apple Watch remains locked into iOS and an iOS-only fitness hub. If fitness is the Apple Watch's best feature, then Android, at the very least, needs an iOS Activity and Workout app. Or it needs to be able to work with Google Health. Option A obviously makes more sense.